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ActInNature - App Review

This app is no longer in the iTunes App Store

ActInNature may be available via cnet downloads

ActInNature Overview

ActInNature has a free version with some of the features blocked out, but the $11.99 per year version that unlocks everything. They don't do a hard sell and I think the free app offers an excellent opportunity to give ActInNature a try.

The neatest feature of this app (and the thing that caught my eye) is the ability to create groups then see where everyone in your group is by looking at your map. Even though I really thought the group feature was cool, I studied it and began to change my mind because where I hunt, most people don't want share their hunting spots.

Testing the ActInNature app

ActInNature uses google maps, and you can select from 4 views (normal, satellite, hybrid and terrain). I for the most part will pull up the terrain view, because the satellite view isn't up to date enough to take into account areas that have been logged or cleared.

Like some of the other hunting apps, you'll see a current "wind bug" so you have an idea of wind direction. While the wind bug (in all apps) is great for planning your initial route into the woods can't take into account what the wind is really doing 100 yards from where you are standing right now. You really need to watch the trees and grass for really accurate wind information. In addition to the wind bug, the map has a weather bug you can tap and it will give you precipitation, temperature and sky condition forecast for the next few hours.

I played with the version for about an hour, and the interface on the home page of the app looks nice, but as you click the buttons things get more confusing. The app had calibration problems several times and I had to roll, twist and contort myself to re-calibrate the compass. Finally, ActInNature crashed once on my iPhone 5S during the time I was evaluating it, not really that big of a deal, but I can't remember when the last time an app crashed on my phone.

Bottom line - I'll be removing the free version of ActInNature from my iPhone.

ActInNature website closed :(

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