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Deer Calls Pro - App Review

To call a deer or to not call a deer

I usually give free stuff a bit of leeway and look for the catch every time I click a button, but after playing with Deer Calls Pro for several days I have yet to get angry with it for sneaky advertising or an "upgrade push". Today, with a full deer season using Deer Calls Pro, if it would have cost $5.00, it would have been $5.00 well spent.

My experience with calls has been limited to crows and it's pretty easy to pick up on various crow calls, just listen to them and you can usually figure out what they are saying. I seldom hear deer say much, and after waiting on a nice deer to come by I sure don't want to scare him out of range with the wrong call.

Deer calls pro field test

Deer Calls Pro has all the deer sounds you need, plus each call has an "About This Call" link that tells you when and how to use a particular sound. Playing your selected sound is easy also...just click "Play".

After I finally got over my fear of scaring a deer by using the wrong call, Deer Calls Pro became one of the funnest aspects of being in the woods. Using Deer Calls Pro, I was able to get crosshairs on several deer that I'm sure would have taken a different route if I hadn't talked them my way. My favorite deer call event was a small 4-point buck that spent 5 or 10 minutes looking for me so he could teach me a thing or two about deer fighting!

If you hunt deer, get Deer Calls Pro and give it a great place on your phone. Even if you don't use it in the field, you can learn to speak a different language (deer talk) in your spare time!

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